Dr. Hugo J. Mack Attorney at Law
Dr. Hugo J. Mack Attorney at Law
Dr. Hugo J. Mack, Esq. Attorney at Law
Dr. Hugo J. Mack, Esq. Attorney at Law

Justice Denied Anywhere Diminishes Justice Everywhere

- Martin Luther King Jr

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The legal team at H Mack Law, located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is at your service. We offer reliable advice and representation in legal matters concerning a variety of disciplines. Learn more about our legal practice and its practice areas.

Our attorneys offer legal assistance with a high degree of specialized knowledge. Years of experience and our in-depth knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions. Browse through our website to learn more about our legal practice and the practice areas of law in which we specialize.

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                                            The Integrity Factor


At H Mack Law we believe that we are all better than the worst thing that has ever happened to us and pride ourselves in being professional templates of the hallowed words spoken by President Theodore Roosevelt "No man is above the law, neither is he below it..."


We treat every client, their families and support base with the respect due them as citizens and members of our community.


No man or woman gets anywhere good by themselves and it truly takes a village to secure the safety and opportunity due all of us under the letter and spirit of the law.


At H Mack Law we believe that many things can be taken from any of us, but our integrity and knowledge of the truth can never be taken, those must be given away.


At H Mack Law we believe in restorative justice under law, the adherence to fundamental fairness and the God given right to make tomorrow better than today.


It would be our privilege and honor to help towards a better day.


God Bless You!